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Her Hotel

"Her (played by writer-composer Rebecca Lee Lerman, who originated the role in its concert and reading versions last year) reminded me of Alanis Morissette with a twinge of Lady Gaga: a raving compliment, trust me." Destiny Whitaker Chatham Life and Style Magazine

Priscilla Queen of the Desert at ZACH Theatre

"Other stand out performances include.....If you remember the scene with Bob's wife, Cynthia, and the ping pong balls in the bar, you'll laugh out loud as Rebecca Lee Lerman recreates it to the tune of "Pop Muzik"." -BROADWAYWORLD.COM


"The performance received a thunderous standing ovation and brought our eyes to focus on this extraordinary Company and their mission statement. Although Broadway is focused on the TONYS this weekend, if you can make the time to go see OLIVER!, we know you'll agree it was well worth your time....this is glorious musical theatre in it's purest form." -Broadwayworld.com

Hello Dolly!

 "...I saw Carol Channing in the 1993 revivial, Barbra Streisand in the movie, Tovah Feldshuh at the Paper Mill Playhouse, all different, yet each in her own way superb, yet I’ve never before seen the show done with as much joy and gusto as it was performed this evening.  Those actors onstage were having a ball! The show was directed by Lee Roy Reams, and starred Christine Toy Johnson as Dolly, with Carla Ogden, Austin Ku, Raul Aranas, Rebecca Lee Lerman, Karl Josef Co, Sam Tanabe, Alex Chester, and Jaygee Macapugay.  Every single one of them was entertaining us and loving their roles.  What enthusiasm!" -Carolyn Quinn blogspot, April 30, 2013

SHANGHAI LIL'S, a crowd pleasing musical

"The show's chief attraction is its bright and likable cast....In smaller roles, Rebecca Lee Lerman, Lisa Villamaria, and Timothy Ng sparkle as Hyacinth, Peony, and Jerry."  -Clifford Lee Johnson III, Backstage (November, 2011)

Beautiful Thing

"Rebecca Lee Lerman's Leah is a delight, a raunchy moth flitting her wit against anyone in range. She overcomes the playwright's annoying over-reliance on Mama Cass to create a character who is beautiful because she is not afraid to be ugly." -August Schulenberg, nytheater.com (July 9th, 2010)

"A shining light in the production is Leah, played by Rebecca Lee Lerman, who steals the show with her bright spark of a Mama Cass fan - no she's more than a fan, Leah invokes the most serious and loving aficionado who lives for Mama's music and sings it often in this show. And every time she did, I smiled."--Janelle Lannan, www.theasy.com (July 20th, 2010)

"Another star studded part of the show was Rebecca Lee Lerman, who sang the daylights out a song that nobody but her knows the words to. Even though the point of the scene was for her to sing bad and hurt eardrums, it came as surprise that her loud rambunctious voice shined through, even though the dramatization required the exact opposite. She played Leah, a friend of Jamies and bit of a trouble maker.....with some of the scenes being a bit noir, she had the eyes of a sad cat, and definitely didnt have a problem making the audience feel the exact emotion that her character was feeling at the time."  -Michael A. Cruz, REVIEWFIX (July 31st 2010)

"Lerman does a great job with her madcappery, delivering sharp dialogue with a highly enjoyable dose of venom." --Doug Strassler, offoffonline.com (July 21st, 2010)